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Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

Gather inspiration for a boy/girl shared kids bedroom with this woodland forest kids room.

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

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The kids’ bedroom is finally D.O.N.E.

My original goal was to have this room done before Christmas …

Yeah. Christmas 2021. Not 2022.



You know when you start out on a project have all these big dreams and goals and ambitions? And then, well … life.

That’s what happened here. Last summer/fall/winter (year) was a doozy. But we’re finally here. We made it. The woodland forest kids bedroom for our two oldest kiddos is ready to go out into the world!

**I imagine the chanting from Moana here: “Maui, Maui, Maui. You’re so amazinggg.” And if that makes NO sense to you, let’s just move on haha. If it does make sense, you probably have young kids and are looking for ideas for a kids bedroom – imagine that!

Anyhoo. Let’s get to the point.

Forest Kids Bedroom

How about all the color and pattern coming back into style lately, huh? If you’ve been anywhere around the interiors & DIY world of Instagram or Pinterest lately, it’s hard to miss! Everyone is to be working it into their latest home projects, and I’m LOVING it. All these homes are just infused with character and personality so that anyone who walks in already knows a bit about you.

What would that even be called? Modern cottage? Transitional? A bit of both? Maybe it falls into the category of “cottage core”. Either way, I was so excited to add some color and pattern to our new house. Where better to start than the kids’ room!

It’s a shared boy/girl room for our two oldest kiddos (4 & 3). At some point, we’ll separate them into boys and girls rooms, but, for now, it works! I took inspiration from one of their favorite places – Papa’s cabin (check out the original design board here). It’s not necessarily cottage core but definitely reflects their personalities!

Here’s a look at where it started.


Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom before

It was already in really good shape, but it was fun to go in and add our own spin on it to make it special for the kids.


Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

I started with a fresh coat of paint for everything. Walls are Behr Dusty Olive (eggshell). Trim and doors are Benjamin Moore White Dove (satin). Ceiling is Behr flat white ceiling paint. The ceiling was in good condition, but the previous owners had painted it with a satin paint, which reflected quite a bit of light downward and made the room feel smaller. Even though it’s difficult to see in the photos, I’m glad I went through the trouble of repainting it. The flat paint makes the room feel much taller in real life.

After the fresh coat of paint, I stenciled the back wall. We have pretty heavy texture on our walls, so it took a little extra time & patience but turned out wonderful – you can read all about that part of the project over HERE.

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

I found a great set of bunk beds (HERE), made a couple floating shelves (HERE), built them a new toy box (HERE), fixed up their old IKEA dressers (HERE), organized the closet (HERE), and added some fun décor and accessories (links for all sources & tutorials below).

The “go explore” sign (HERE) and numbers & alphabet art (HERE) are all from Etsy. I ordered the numbers & alphabet prints from Shutterfly, which included the wood poster hanging frame.

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

I found this cute tent on West Elm (HERE) as a fun little addition to the corner. Added a small yarn pouf garland (HERE) through the top for some color, and I love how it completes the reading nook.

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

They love to bring their backpacks full of toys whenever we go visit family or friends, so I added a couple hooks to the wall for easy access. And BONUS – right by the toy box for easy packing!

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

I left the center of the room open so they have lots of room to run and have fun. The toy box opens right toward the rug so it’s easy to make a mess (I mean, play. It’s easy to play 😉 )

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

Now let’s see how long it stays staged and looking this nice …

JK. It’s already a mess 😂

I hope this gives you some good ideas for a shared kids bedroom! Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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| Tylynn |

Woodland Forest Kids Bedroom

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