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tylynn m

Hi! I’m Tylynn.

A civil engineer by trade (prior to kiddos) and lifelong do-it-yourselfer, I started building furniture when we rented our first townhome and didn’t have anything to put in it but couldn’t afford to buy new. Then things really got out of hand when we bought our first home, knocked out a main wall 3 days after moving in, renovated it room by room while living there, and built most of the furniture to fill it.

Just kidding. That’s where the fun started.

As we added to our family and my days filled more and more with babies, toddlers, and mom life, I grew to love all things home. Home is at the center of all I do. From making it beautiful to functional to comfortable, my goal is to encourage you to love your normal home. Sometimes I build things, sometimes I flip things, sometimes I organize (which, of course, always stays organized with all the kids running around😉). And sometimes we take on big renovations. But always keeping in mind that FAR more important than how the home looks are the memories we make within it.

You know when you walk into a home and it just feels like the family who lives there? That’s the goal! I hope you can find something here, be it a DIY project, craft, or new recipe, that inspires you to make home your own.

| Tylynn |

Check out my Instagram @tylynnm for weekly inspiration and to stay up to date on the latest projects! And follow me on Pinterest for more project ideas!

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