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DIY Christmas Decorations – Mini Snowshoes

Build your own mini snowshoes for a fun DIY Christmas Decoration.

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

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With Christmas just a few weeks away, I’ve been busting out decorations like crazy over here. I started a little late this year, but I’m trying to make up for it! These mini snowshoes are one of my favorite seasonal items I’ve made. They’re a simple DIY Christmas decoration – perfect for a scrap wood project! 

Enjoy the free plans! 

Tools & Supplies:

Step 1.

Download the snowshoe shapes part 1 & part 2 and trace two snowshoes onto a scrap wood board.  Simply print the shapes, cut out the silhouette, tape them down to your board where the edges line up (approximately), and trace. Once you’ve finished tracing, cut both snow shoes out using a jigsaw

*Tip: to cut out the center part of the snowshoe, first drill a hole in the center. Then insert the jigsaw blade into the hole and saw your way out to the edge and around the shape.  

 Step 2. 

Drill 1/8″ holes along the outside of both snow shoes. Space the holes 1″ apart and line them up along both edges. This is where you’ll lace up the snowshoes (ignore the laces in the photo below). 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Step 3. 

Once you’ve drilled holes along the edges, sand both snowshoes to smooth out any rough edges from the jigsaw and drill. 

Step 4. 

Finish the wood as desired. I sealed these snowshoes with boiled linseed oil that I had on hand from the cedar blanket chest, but any type of wood finish will work. 

Step 5. 

Lace up each snowshoe with floral bind wire. 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Work your way from the right top of the snowshoe down to the bottom in a zigzag pattern. Repeat the zigzag from the top to the bottom starting on the left side.  

You should have two loose ends at the top and two loose ends at the bottom after lacing. Tie the top loose ends together and hot glue them in place on the top of the snowshoe.

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Tie the bottom loose ends together and hot glue them to the back of the snowshoe. 

Step 6. 

Attach both snowshoes to each other. I added a 1 1/4″ screw through the bottom of the snowshoes and tied them together in the middle once I added the greenery to the front. 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Step 7. 

Now for the festive part! This is entirely up to you depending on the look you want, but I’ll share what I did for reference. 

Start with some faux pine branches, faux cranberry, and sleigh bells. I found the pine and cranberry at Hobby Lobby, but they’re available at any craft store this time of year. The sleigh bells are from Target. 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Arrange and rearrange the pieces until you like them, tie it in place with some floral bind wire, and hot glue the top to finish it off. I used jute twine in the photo below, but bind wire works much better and I ended up re-doing it later. Tie the wire at the back of the snowshoes. 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

Glue a pine cone to the front to hide everything. 

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

After all the pieces were in place, I wrapped a piece of floral bind wire around the base of the pine cone and twisted it taught at the back to really secure everything. 

And that’s that! It looks right at home next to the tree on the bookshelf!

DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes


Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d love to see if you build your own set – tag me on Instagram @bitterrootdiy.

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DIY Christmas Decor - Mini Snowshoes

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