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We live in a small town without much shopping around us, so we do most our shopping online. I’ve become an avid shopper of all things Amazon and Target. I mean – what stay at home mom isn’t because, let’s be real, who has time to go to an actual store when you have a gang of little toddlers running around?! 😉

Head over to find me on Amazon to see the latest from our storefront. I keep it updated as we shop -everything you could ever need for diy, home, family, clothing, etc.

And find me on LTK to stay up to date with our favorite finds from everywhere else … because that’s the most eloquent way I can come up with how to phrase that right now as I write this during nap time after a very long morning with the kiddos 😅 I love sharing all the goodies we find to make our home more “us”, simplify day to day life, outfit the family for a reasonable price, and soak up life with the kids!

Here are a few of our absolute top finds and essentials:


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The BEST kids camp chair that ever existed – portable, includes a tray, machine washable. We take it everywhere.

If you’ve met me in real life, I’ve probably told you about my beloved espresso machine. For real. I tell anyone who will listen – amazing lattes, fits on the counter, affordable.

Our favorite way to store kitchen knives. We’ve only bought one for each and every house we’ve lived in 😅 Keeps the knives accessible and counters clean.

In our move towards a more non-toxic home, we switched to all cast iron and stainless steel pans. They cook hotter and even-er (jk. more evenly) and are so much easier to clean once you learn the process. Never. Going. Back.

HOURS of entertainment for any age. All our kids (ages 1-5) love these Magnet Building Tiles and build with them all the time. Multiple set options for any budget.

The most affordable-but-still-cute storage bins. I love the look of baskets, but not so much the price. These look great, hide the mess, and are affordable. I use them in all our closets.

The classic yard game. This set has held up perfectly despite the kids’ every efforts to destroy them. Regulation weight, bright, durable.

The ultimate hiking, camping, backpacking, lightweight-tailgating (is that a thing?) portable chair. Comfy, light, and packs down small.

Nothing like a cup of coffee on the side of a mountain. These are our go-to mugs for all those outdoor adventures. Lightweight, compact, and insulated.

Check out our Amazon store for more!

LTK Favorites

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Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

| Tylynn |

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