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Little Boys Dinosaur Bedroom Design Board

Create a cute dinosaur room for your little explorer with these ideas for a little boys dinosaur bedroom.

Little Boys Room with Dinosaurs Design Board

Somebody (our third kiddo) is ready for a big boy bed! He requested a dinosaur bed. And, as per usual, Mom may have gotten a little over-excited and planned a whole dinosaur bedroom. And by “Mom” I mean me … me got a little carried away. But it’s going to be so cute! And all the kids are beyond thrilled to help decorate. I love when they want to get involved. There’s nothing better than seeing their own creativity come to life!

We’re keeping the earthy tones that are already in the room (see the original baby boy airplane nursery room makeover), reusing the DIY Twin Bed I built for our oldest a few years ago (I guess it was 5 years ago now … how is that even possible?!), and adding some fun dinosaur decor. Nothing too crazy!

Dinosaur Room Decor

I found the cutest dinosaur prints on Etsy that sparked the vision for the rest of the room. There are a bunch of options on Etsy, but I love how simple and cute this set is: T Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus Set of Dinosaur Prints.

Little Boys Room with Dinosaurs Design Board


  1. Regency Hill Schoolhouse Rustic Farmhouse Ceiling Light
  2. 16″ Wood & Brass Double Wall Shelf or Wood & Brass Decorative Bracket Wall Shelf
  3. 9″ Faux Hoya Hanging Plant
  4. Dinosaur Prints in Navy, Green, Orange or Dinosaur Prints in Navy, Green, Mustard
  5. Dinosaur Footprint Wall Stickers
  6. Dinosaur Kid’s Quilt
  7. Navy Blue Kids’ Comforter
  8. Dinosaur Blanket
  9. Dinosaur Microfiber Kids’ Sheet Set

Hobby Lobby has a great section of dinosaur decor, so I grabbed a few things there as well. I can’t source them in this post, but here’s a snapshot of what our store had:

Little Boys Dinosaur Bedroom Decor

Kids rooms are one of my favorite spaces to put together. With the whirlwind of daily life, there’s something magical about creating a space to reflect their little personalities! And you can make them so fun!

I can’t wait to bring this dinosaur bedroom to life. Stay tuned for the reveal!

What’s your favorite space to design?

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