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X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf – IGBC 5 with Rogue Engineer

Last week I decided to join in on the fun for the season 5 of the IG Builder Challenge. Jamison over at Rogue Engineer drew up the plans for this challenge – a X leg coffee table with a shelf.

What’s the IG Builder Challenge?

I’m glad you asked!

It’s a fun challenge for any and all builders on Instagram to take a given set of plans, complete the build with his/her own twist, and share the final product with the challenge hashtags (#igbc5, #igbc5final, etc.). When the challenge is over the judges (Ana White, Tom Bury, and Jamison) choose a winner.

There’s a whole slew of prizes available, but I won’t get into that here. Just head on over to Instagram to check it out if you’re interested!

So, for my coffee table I decided to stick pretty close to the original plans. I changed up the shelf slightly and then had some fun with the finish.

I put together a quick run-down of my build, but you can find the original plans, cut list, and lumber list over at Rogue Engineer.


Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf


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Tools & Supplies:


X Legs


X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf


The original plan set calls for 19″ long legs cut at a 45 miter and 9 1/2″ short legs cut at 90 on one side (where the legs meet in the center) and 45 miter on the other side.

I cut the legs to 18″ at a 45 miter in order to make them a little shorter so I could stack the top and bottom shelves. I cut the short X pieces to 9″ rather than 9 1/2″ so they met at the correct spot in the middle.

You could still cut the legs to 19″ and 9 1/2″, but your table will be a little tall … personal preference 🙂

I also trimmed the top outside corners off the X legs so that they lined up flush with the bottom shelf (which is 16.5″ wide).


Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf


Bottom Shelf

I made the bottom shelf with three 1 x 6s, rather than two 1 x 8s and a 1 x 6 as shown in the original plans


Top Shelf

I made the top shelf per the original plans (with four 2 x 6s), but cut them at 36″ and added breadboard ends. Cut the breadboard ends at 22″ to line up flush with the four 2 x 6s. Once you attach the breadboard ends, the total length of the top is the same as the original plans – 47″.

I used pocket holes and 2 1/2″ pocket hole screws and wood glue to attach all shelf boards (per the original plans).


Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf


Shelf Stack

In order to stack the bottom and top shelves, I glued two 2 x 4s together and cut them at a 45 chamfer just like the feet. I made two stacks – one for each end of the shelf.


Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf



I finished the top and bottom shelves and middle of the leg Xs with a stain combo.

Start by taping off the Xs on the legs with standard painters tape. The stain will run a little under the tape as it soaks into the wood, but don’t worry about it.

Stain the shelves and leg intersection with Minwax  Special Walnut and wait until it is mostly dry.

Follow up with a coat of Minwax Classic Gray. Wipe the classic gray stain off pretty immediately after application, otherwise it will completely override the special walnut.

I did a couple test boards in order to get the timing right. Highly recommend 🙂

Remove the painters tape right after staining … don’t let it sit while the stain dries otherwise the goo gets stuck on the wood … don’t ask haha.

Let the stain dry completely.

Once the stain has dried, tape off the leg intersection as well as the top and bottom shelf intersection points.

Finish the legs and shelf stack with RustOleum Semi-Gloss White. It took about four coats to get total coverage over the wood.

Remove the painters tape while the paint is still wet in order to get those nice, clean lines.



Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf


That’s that!


Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


And don’t forget to hare with me on Instagram @bitterrootdiy if you build from this plan! I would love to see it.



Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf

Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf
Rustic X Leg Coffee Table with Shelf

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