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Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter

Save space by growing vertical with Greenstalk vertical planters. Vertical gardening saves space, makes it easier to harvest, and is a beautiful addition to porches, patios, and the garden – wherever you find yourself growing!

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter_featured image

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I’m probably a little over-excited about this post, but today I’m sharing the latest addition to the back patio – a Greenstalk vertical planter! I first heard about them from Jess at Roots & Refuge Farm on YouTube a few years ago (her work is beautiful) and had been eyeing them ever since. When we did the small back patio refresh last year, I knew that corner spot would be perfect for one of the Greenstalk planters. A few weeks ago, during their Mother’s Day sale, I finally ordered one. And, let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter

Isn’t it beautiful?! We’re planning to add a sitting area on the near patio as well – maybe a coffee table and more chairs that compliments the fire pit area in the back. But the Greenstalk tower already helps bring the two spaces together and add some life and height!

We just passed our last frost date, so I sowed seeds right into most of the pockets. All the started plants are herbs. There’s a few of each – basil, oregano, thyme, cilantro, lavender, sage. The rest is full of all types of lettuce, kale, spinach, baby bok choy, and a few dwarf cherry tomatoes.

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter_oregano

I planted a small garden last year, and one of our favorite things was the fresh greens. Every dinner (and sometimes lunch), we could just walk out and grab a few pieces of lettuce and spinach, or whatever we were making. This area is just off our kitchen. We’re looking forward to all the fresh lettuces and herbs again!

I will say, I kinda underestimated how much you can plant in these! It took about 5 1/5 cu ft of potting soil (two of the BIG bags) and has 42 planting pockets. Which is all written in the description, of course. But it surprised me as I was planting! This is the 7 tier vertical planter, but they have a bunch of other sizes as well.

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter

When I first planted it, I was concerned about wind. However, it’s been up for a few weeks now and we’ve had high winds with no issues. That said, this area is pretty protected with the privacy fence and pergola to block it, but there’s still been some decent gusts through here and it’s been solid. Worst case scenario, I figure I can separate it into two smaller towers if we get a really big storm. It’s very easy to stack and unstack each level. But so far so good! I’ve actually been surprised!

I would love to add a few more GreenStalk towers along the other patio and porch and maybe even the garden. Really, I just dream of having these towers dispersed all throughout our yard with everything landscaped perfectly 😅. Maybe somedayyy. But for now, I’m so stoked for one!

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter

Once I finished planting, we set up the rest of the patio for the summer – twinkle lights, seating, fire pit table, and filled in all the potted plants (minus that one basket in the corner because I want to add a tree there but haven’t decided what kind aaand didn’t get to it yet, sooo … empty basket it is).

We spend a ton of time out here in the warm months, and it’s so nice to have it up and ready for another patio season!

Vertical Gardening with a Greenstalk Planter_lavender

If you’re growing on a patio (or any limited space), vertical gardening is the way to go. These Greenstalk planters are a bit of an investment. But the footprint is small, it’s a ton of planting space, and the quality is superb. I’ll definitely be adding more as we can!


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Happy planting!

| Tylynn |

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