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Sweet & Simple Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Make the day special for your little valentines with these sweet and simple Valentine’s Day gifts for kids.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

It’s so fun to make the small holidays special with littles. The BIG holidays are wonderful of course, but something about the small holidays that are spread throughout the year is so sweet. It feels like we get to sprinkle some magic into the every day hustle and bustle! My mom used to set out little Valentines for me and my siblings every year, and we all have such fond memories of it. I love that I get to make it special for our kiddos now. It’s the little things!

Valentine’s Day Baskets for Kids

We usually do valentine baking and small gifts for them. The gifts are different each time, but this year I put these cute baskets together! Our kids are currently 2, 4, and 6. I included a few candies, an activity, and something small that they need or want. Though now that I think about it, those categories probably work for all ages. Just change out the items!

Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

I found these adorable tins from Hobby Lobby and filled them with a bit of Valentine tissue paper.

Then I added the taller items in the back, a couple candies to the bottom, and filled the top in with the rest.

Pro-tip for finding affordable Valentine candy – buy it in the bulk foods section. I know not every grocery store has a bulk section. But if yours does, you can often get the candy for a much better price! I grabbed kisses and chocolate hearts for all the kids.

Valentine's Day Baskets for Kids

These little wood slice shapes are too much fun to paint. Just $0.67 from Walmart?! Yes please. They have so many fun shapes – stegosaurus, triceratops, rainbow, and more. We like this Crayola Washable Kids Paint Set for craft time.

They love using chalk year-round. While it’s cold, they draw on the concrete in the shop or garage!

I finished them up with a couple hot wheels for the boys’ baskets (always fun) and new hair clips for our daughter (where do they all go?!?).

Valentine's Day Baskets for Kids
Valentine's Day Baskets for Kids

I can’t wait to set them up for the kids on Valentine’s Day morning! Their sweet reactions will forever be some of my most cherished memories.

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What do you do for Valentine’s Day? It’s so fun to hear about favorite family traditions!

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Kids

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