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Farmhouse Easter Decor – DIY Scrap Wood Bunny

If you read my last post on how to make your own super-cheap-easy-stylish-and-oh-so-wonderful Easter basket, you’ve heard all about my love for Easter 🙂

It’s definitely one of my favorite holidays. Some of my most fond childhood memories are searching for eggs out in the field with my siblings. 

With Easter just a few weeks away now, I’ve been adding little touches of bunnies and eggs and grass around the house. The latest addition?


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor 

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Three adorable wood bunnies!

These were so quick and easy to make … the ultimate springtime #naptimecrafttime project!

Tools & Supplies:

Step 1. 

Gather your supplies.


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Hobby Lobby sells these great packs of craft wood from Woodpile Fun!

Grab a set of logs and some driftwood pieces, or head to the back yard to search for some free scrap pieces. You’ll need a large log for the body, medium log for the head, and two small logs for the feet. Long, vertical pieces of wood work great as ears.

The general layout:


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor

Step 2. 

Attach the head to the body with hot glue.


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Step 3. 

Attach the feet to the body with hot glue.


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Step 4. 

Attach the ears at the back with hot glue.


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Seriously … look at those cute little bunny bums!!!


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Too much  🙂

I can’t handle it!

Last but not least, I glued a stick to the back so they stand up:


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor


Decorate it with bows, paint, stain … whatever you choose!

I simply glued bows to the front and called it good!


DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor



Hope you have a Happy Easter!


Thanks for stopping by Bitterroot DIY!

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DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor

DIY Farmhouse Easter Decor

Stacie Skinner

Sunday 8th of March 2020

Hi - do you have the type of wood slices for the ears to look up online? I looked on Amazon but am not seeing really anything that matches what you used. Hobby Lobby is 80+ miles away but I'll try to get to one before I have people over to make it. Just hoping there's a way maybe to purchase the ear shape online somewhere. I'll keep looking. Thanks! Such a cute project.


Wednesday 11th of March 2020

Hi Stacie, I'm sorry but I don't have a specific link for them online. If you Google "oval log craft slices", there are quite a few options from different places. Just make sure to check the dimensions

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