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DIY Pennant Banner – No Sew!

Make a simple no-sew DIY Pennant Banner. All you need is cotton twine and felt in your colors of choice.

I knew I wanted to use a pennant banner somewhere in the Little Boy’s Dinosaur Room I put together for Arlo. They’re just so fun in a kids’ room – a playful pop of color! There are a bunch of cute ones on Amazon, but I figured I could make one pretty easily with supplies I mostly had on hand. And I even worked my way out of any sewing.

DIY Bunting Bannner - No Sew

It was the perfect touch over in this reading corner and toy area!

I found the cute felt colors at Hobby Lobby for 39 cents each. I had a few on hand from various other projects, so I just picked up the few I needed. You can customize the colors to whatever works with your decor. I went with more muted pastels on this one, but I also made one for my little brother’s dorm and did much bolder colors. Have fun with it!


Start by folding your felt in half along the long edge. Using a ruler, draw a straight line from the center (where it’s folded) and the adjacent corner to meet in the middle, forming a triangle.

I didn’t really measure this part – just moved the ruler around until the triangle had the general shape I was going for.

Unfold the felt and cut out your triangle. I was careful to cut slightly inside the sharpie line so it didn’t end up with the black marker along the edges.

Then you can use that first triangle as the template for the rest. I didn’t worry about tracing it out on any of the other triangles. Since the felt sticks to itself pretty well, all you have to do is position it for your next triangle and gently hold onto it as you cut around the edges. It stays in place pretty well and doesn’t wander as long as you hold onto it right next to where you’re cutting.

DIY Bunting Bannner_step 5

You can get three triangles out of one piece of felt if you space them the same as shown above. I cut two out of one side and one out of the middle of the opposing side. That was PLENTY for this banner – more than I ended up using.

Repeat for all the triangles, depending on how long you want your banner to be!

Lay out the pattern for your pennant banner to figure out what you want for spacing and how many felt triangles. I spaced them about 3″ apart.

Once you have your layout, cut a small slit in the top corners of each triangle.

I used three strings of cotton twine together to give the rope a bit more substance. Cut your twine to length, leaving yourself plenty of extra room, and tie a loop in one end.

Thread the loose ends through the small cuts in the top corners of your banner triangles, working your way down the banner. Adjust the spacing as you go until you like it.

When you’re happy with the length tie a loop in the opposite end.

And there you go – a no sew DIY Pennant Banner!

Hang it up wherever you want to add some whimsy and a pop of color.

DIY Pennant Banner - No Sew

I’ve been seeing these in so many kids rooms and nurseries lately. They’re too cute. This DIY version isn’t as “fancy” as the fabric ones you can purchase, but it only costs a couple bucks (if that) and is just as fun!

Here’s another view of the reading corner:

Little Boys Dinosaur Room

He loves to lounge over here and read every night before bed. It’s such a cozy corner!

If you prefer the non-diy version, here are a few cute options as well:

Room Sources

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DIY Pennant Banner - No Sew
DIY Pennant Banner - No Sew

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