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10 Projects to Organize Your Home

Spring is right around the corner … well, we still have a ways to go here in Minnesota … but for most places spring is right around the corner … which means errrrrybody is purging and organizing. And for those of us stuck in winter for a few more months, there’s no better way to pretend it’s spring than to just go on ahead with spring cleaning and ignore the giant snow storms!

So, in the spirit of pretending it’s not freezing out, here are 15 of my favorite DIY projects to organize your home! From shelves to dressers to drawer organizers – there’s something to get your whole house organized this spring!

1. DIY Hall Tree

Looking to get that mudroom ready for the rainy season? Head over for the details on this DIY Hall Tree from The Frugal Homemaker.

DIY Hall Tree

2. Cabinet Door Garbage

How clever is this garbage can on the inside of the cabinet door!? Such a great use of space.

3. DIY Dresser

If you’re feeling ambitious, this DIY Dresser from Shanty 2 Chic is so perfect for a kid’s room!

4. Junk Drawer Organizer

Well I know I could definitely use to put this little organizer together! I won’t even pretend my junk drawer (s) look this good …

5. Under the Bed Shoe Organizer

Anika from Anika’s DIY Life always comes up with the coolest ideas and this shoe organizer is no exception! Customize it to fit your needs and wrangle that shoe chaos!

6. DIY Closet Organizer

It’s amazing what some extra shelves and multiple rods can do for a closet. This DIY Closet Organizer maximizes storage and makes great use of a small space.

7. Window Bench with Storage

Kourtni nailed it with this window bench! And guess what? She filled it with kid’s toys – what a stylish way to keep toys organized!

8. Pipe Shelves

Pipe shelves are such a great way to bring that industrial farmhouse style to a room. Plus, they’re quick and provide a ton of storage. Win-win-win!

9. DIY K-Cup Holder

Sarah from Ugly Duckling House is one of my favorite DIY bloggers. She tackles the coolest projects and shares so many great ideas! This K-Cup holder would be such a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter or a guest room coffee bar!

10. Pretty Plywood Shelves

You can never have too many shelves for organizing ALL THE THINGS! And, I gotta say, I love these plywood shelves from my friend Jaime. I’m definitely going to have to work these into a project somewhere in the house!

Good luck with spring cleaning and happy organizing!

Bitterroot DIY

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